We use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to draw insights from millions of data points to identify consumer needs  in real time and combine it with the brand personality to create winning food product concepts. 


What We Offer

Our vision is to reimagine New Product Development and make it as seamless as possible, allowing FMCG companies to focus on what they love — create consumer winning products; faster and better.

90% of the new innovations fail; costing the food industry billions of dollars annually. 

Consumers are now getting even more demanding with their food preferences changing faster than ever before, making the task unpredictable and more difficult for the innovators.

We have built a palette of AI solutions using deep learning and big data analytics to address the challenges in the different stages of food product innovation, helping you build consumer winning products - faster and better.

Foresight Engine

Identify trends as they just emerge and understand the consumer needs which drive these trends. 

Using Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning algorithm, we identify the maturity of a trend and predict the future trajectory.

Screen Winner

Screen, validate and optimise new product concepts before taking the best concept forward. 

We take the "guess work" out of concept selection by validating new concepts against the consumer needs using our machine learning algorithm. 


Meet Our AI

Our Patented AI Technology is trained and optimised on Food datasets, making it one of its kind. Till date it has analysed 13 Million+ data points and still counting.

Language Agnostic

Our unique Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithm understands human language as it is spoken. It can  interpret non-english languages too, thus offering global coverage.

Analyses Image

Images provide deeper and more meaningful insights than text. We use computer vision to analyse food consumption images, to provide contextual consumer insights at an unparalleled scale.

Predicts Future

We have identified 39 unique factors which are built into our proprietary  AI algorithm to predict the future trajectory of a food product, enabling companies to make important business decisions.


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