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End-to-end concept development in one platform.

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Our platform has 61,000,000,000 data points
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A platform perfect for CPG brands looking for an edge over the competition.

Elevate your brand’s potential with our cutting-edge platform, offering transformative solutions for businesses striving for distinction and market leadership.

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Drive revenue growth

Capture and predict trends as they happen. Build and screen products aligned to consumer needs and themes.

Reduce market research cost

Reduce costs compared to traditional market research methods. Improve success rate of product launch driven by forecasting supported by billions of data points.

Cutdown launch cycle time

Reduce 2-4 months in cycle time to discovering, creating & validating product concepts that get your products on shelves faster than ever before.


We have solved for Innovation: Dole

Dole needed to identify consistent themes for the limited-time offer (LTO) series that showed relevancy and growth across multiple geographic markets with varying consumer preferences. Learn more about how we helped them increase 60% revenue by updating their product messaging. 

Pringles trending seasonings discovery with Ai Palette


We have solved for Renovation: Pringles

The challenge was to describe the sensory experience of consuming Pringles, where an array of enticing flavors and aromas tantalize the palate, delighting the taste buds with each bite. Learn more about how we helped them launch in less than 6 months.


We have solved for Innovation: Shiseido

Shiseido one of the oldest Beauty companies in the world wanted to understand the trends in beauty (Skin & Eye) category in South Korea market. They wanted to look at trends from both consumer perspective and also from new research. 


We have solved for Innovation: Olam

The global insights team at Olam wanted to understand the end users and their customers’ customer to position their products that create more value-added solutions for their clients. Learn more about we helped them incorporate emerging trends and flavor pairings into sales proposals to increase their win rate.


Thought starters. White papers. Trend reports.

If you’re looking for inspiration for your next project, a peek into the future of the industry, or just really distinctive insights then check out one of the resources below.

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