foresight engine

Foresight Engine

Discover emerging trends, in real-time

Gain clarity on the future by exploring our ever-growing dataset to identify white space opportunities and understand consumer drivers.

Built for

Head of Consumer Insights

Have confidence that you’re identifying white space opportunities early and making better product decisions based on reliable data.

Head of R&D Innovation

Save time accelerating your product development timeline by understanding consumer drivers based on actionable data.

Head of Marketing

Be first to market by capitalizing on market trends and identifying white space opportunities first before your competition.


Predict trend growth

Get an instant view of a trend’s maturity in a particular category and over a period of time, including its predicted rise or decline.

Category-level insights

Evaluate sentiment, popular product attributes, occasions, pairings, products in market, consumer perceptions, related trends.

Custom & ready reports

Platform access includes done-for-you custom reports analyzed by our experienced insights team. Download charts and data you need as graphic and PDF files.

Predict Trend Growth

Predict trend growth

Category-level insights

Category-Level Insights
Custom & Ready Reports

Custom & ready reports

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