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Concept Genie

Create new product concepts with prompts

NPD process has gotten faster with product iterations that can be done with a few clicks. Create diverse product concepts super fast.

Built for

Head of Innovation

Have confidence that you’re identifying white space opportunities early and making better product decisions based on reliable data.

Head of R&D Innovation

Save time accelerating your product development timeline by understanding consumer drivers based on actionable data.

Head of Marketing

Be first to market by capitalizing on market trends and identifying white space opportunities first before your competition.


Conjure innovation with
key prompts

Harness the magic of Concept Genie to transform inputs such as ingredients, consumption themes, and product claims into exciting new product concepts. It's your innovation wand, bringing your ideas to life.

Smart concept generation powered by GPT technology

Don't wait for the 'eureka' moment. Let Concept Genie proactively spark your creativity, generating concepts that align with current trends and market needs.

Custom tailored

Each brand is unique, and so should be its products. By allowing you to input specific prompts, Concept Genie ensures the generated concepts resonate with your brand's identity and consumer expectations. Ignite your creativity with Concept Genie.

Conjure Innovation With Key Prompts

Conjure innovation with key prompts

Concept generation at it's smartest

concept generation
Custom Tailored Innovation

Custom tailored innovation

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