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North America Beverage Trends 2021

From Refreshing Fruits to Exciting New Flavour Combinations, Here’s What Trending This SummerAi Palette’s Foresight Fast Facts:Consumers from US and Canada are developing a major thirst for refreshing and hydrating...

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Asian Refreshing Summer Beverage Trends 2021

The Drive for Thirst-quenching Beverages in Asia this SummerAi Palette’s Foresight Fast Facts:-Refreshing and hydrating fruits trending in beveragesDrinks powered by fresh and juicy fruits like Kiwi, Watermelon, and Red Grape are coming...

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Consumers Want Vitalizing Functional Foods

In this latest report, we highlight the rise in trends of functional foods and increasing consumer interest in holistic health. As the global pandemic forced people to adopt working from home as the default option, consumers found food, and more...

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Fermented Beverages: Trends of Pre & Probiotic Drinks

Ai Palette's Foresight Fast FactsKombucha and Kefir stands prominent among fermented beverages, with kefir exponential 798.3% YoY growth Fruit enzyme drinks have become more appealing to Chinese consumersOpportunity in introducing unique...

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Plant-based Protein Trends 2021

Growth Phases of Meat Alternatives: Plant-based Protein across Asia Predicted by AIThe food ecosystem is transforming into a sustainable system and with increased consumer awareness, plant protein is set to become a growing trend and contribute...

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These are the Predicted Food Trends 2021

Rise of Clean & Healthy ConsumptionCOVID-19 has definitely nudged consumers out of their comfort zone when it comes to testing their palette. In Asia and some western markets with an existing extensive focus on food, cracking the market may...

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Conscious Consumption in a Post COVID-19 Normal: India

Trends Spotting: Immunity Boosting Products in India MarketIndian consumers are exhibiting a continued interest in Immunity with an increase in demand for natural, Ayurvedic, and probiotic foods that can boost their immune system and improve...

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Post- Pandemic Consumption Patterns: ASEAN Countries

Growing and Declining Food Categories in ASEAN CountriesOne cannot not talk about diversity talking about ASEAN whether it comes to food or culture. It is this diversity that makes us wonder about the COVID-19 effect on food in ASEAN. This is...

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China Food Industry: Post Covid-19 Effects on Food Preferences

What Chinese consumers are looking for to get back in shape after lockdown?As the country emerges from the pandemic, Chinese consumers are making more conscious food choices as seen with them opting for “Health over Taste” and...

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Covid-19 Effects on Food Preferences in China and its Urban Cities

33 % of Chinese consumers prefer "Taste Over Health"Taste over Health Consumers is looking to Food to make them feel better and restore their sense of normalcy, with consumption decisions being driven by sensory aspects like Taste in addition...

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India and Urban Cities: COVID-19 Effects on Food Preferences

Covid 19 Led to Accelerated Shift in Taste and Health FactorsThe significance of food cannot be underplayed, with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic impacting the world’s views on food consumption. AiPalette’s proprietary technologies in...

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COVID-19 Effects on Food Preferences in Singapore and Malaysia

Notable Change in Patterns and Demands for Food ConsumptionLong Shelf Life Consumers stocked up their pantries with raw materials to cook and bake healthy meals at home during lockdown - circuit breaker (CB) in Singapore and Movement Control...

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Covid-19 Impact on South Asian Consumer Food Preferences

Re-prioritizing Homemade Food: Find Drivers and Motivators of Th, PH, and Indo:-Ai Palette provides food insights and understands consumers trends and behaviour through trends spotting technology, which highlights the South Asian Drivers and...

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