Zillennial Eats: Kellogg Steps Up with Trendsetting Vegan Cereal Brand

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The global vegan market is projected to be worth $24.3 billion by 2026, indicating a robust growth trajectory driven by health concerns, ethical considerations, and environmental impacts. 

Now Zillennials are partly responsible for those staggering numbers. How? The food industry has adapted to the growing awareness of environmental sustainability, and ethical considerations among Zillennials. Social media plays a crucial role in shaping their preferences by offering innovative vegan products, catering to this demographic’s desire for convenience, diversity, and personalization in their dietary choices. Transparency and authenticity in food production are highly valued by Zillennials, who see food as integral to their overall well-being. 

Therefore, it is important to understand their breakfast preferences as well. Which is when Eat Your Mouth Off decided to align with Kellogg to bring forth healthy breakfast cereals to the Zillennials.

“Crafted specifically for Zillennials in pursuit of a brand that mirrors their unique personalities, our latest creation is an unfiltered expression of the no-nonsense ethos that we, as a brand, represent… There’s no sugarcoating here- it’s a high-protein option that doesn’t sacrifice taste.”

Understanding Zillennials & their Consumption Habits

Who are Zillennials?

Zillennials, positioned at the intersection of Millennials and Generation Z are born in the late 1990s to early 2000s. Some stats that make them the perfect target group of consumers is due to the following reasons: online savvy, brand conscious, climate focused. But this certainly does not mean that brands are not catering towards other generations but in fact they already have such products in the market as they are a part of the already existing wide consumer base.

Consumer Consumption Shift in Zillennials

Zillennials exhibit unique food consumption behaviors, favoring nutritious, plant-based diets influenced by environmental and ethical concerns. Highly influenced by digital media for food trends, they enjoy experimenting with diverse, global cuisines. Convenience is key, with a preference for fast-casual dining and technology-driven food services like apps and online delivery. They value customization in their diets, often choosing options like gluten-free or vegan. Snacking is a common habit, leaning towards healthier options. Overall, Zillennials are reshaping the food industry with their unique blend of health focus, sustainability, and technological engagement in their food consumption habits.

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Source: Ai Palette

The ascending 4-year and 2-year CAGRs of the theme vegan for the ready-to-eat category, coupled with a positive sentiment over 90%, indicate a robust and expanding market. This consistent growth reflects strong consumer satisfaction, brand loyalty, and a sustained shift in consumer preferences. Such a trend presents significant opportunities for businesses to innovate and expand, as the high consumer approval suggests a welcoming environment for new product development. This data not only highlights a healthy, growing market but also serves as a predictor of favorable reception for similar future products or extensions.

Cereal’s ranking as 8th in growth within the ready-to-eat category signifies its strong market presence and consumer appeal. This reflects a growing consumer preference for cereals, driven by their convenience, variety, and alignment with health-conscious lifestyles. The active discussion and consumption of cereals likely stem from their adaptability to various dietary needs and the introduction of new, health-oriented products. This trend underscores cereals’ importance in the current food market, catering to a demand for quick, nutritious, and satisfying meal options.

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consumption occasion for cereal from Ai Palette

The impressive 4-year Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 11.40% in the cereal market, coupled with a notably positive consumer sentiment, reflects a burgeoning interest in this segment. This growth trajectory underscores the significance of offering consumers healthy breakfast options, particularly in light of the prevailing health-conscious trends. Given that health is emerging as a primary driver influencing consumer choices, there is a pressing need for cereals that extend beyond mere satiety, focusing instead on providing essential nutrients beneficial for the body.

Moreover, the growing health awareness among consumers, especially the Zillennial demographic, opens up opportunities for cereal brands to innovate and diversify their offerings. This could involve developing cereals with plant-based ingredients, accommodating the rising trend of vegan and vegetarian diets.

Marketing Strategy Aligning Eat Your Mouth Off with Kellogg

Source: Ai Palette

Zillennials, often seen as a fringe generation and sometimes overlooked, represent a significant opportunity for innovation in the food industry. Recognizing this, the brand Eat Your Mouth Off has strategically capitalized on this potential. They’ve developed a cereal that not only aligns with the ‘good-for-you’ theme but also embodies the essence of healthy eating. By choosing vegan ingredients and opting for plant-based sources of vitamin D instead of lanolin-derived alternatives (which are animal-based), they’ve crafted a product that is fully vegan-friendly. This approach not only caters to the health and ethical preferences of Zillennials but also taps into the broader trend of plant-based eating. It’s a smart move that demonstrates how understanding and addressing the specific needs of a group can lead to innovative and successful product development.

How the marketing strategy revolves around the new consumer demographic- zillennials

  1. Targeted at Zillennials: The product is specifically designed for Zillennials, a group blending Millennial and Gen Z traits, known for valuing authenticity and social responsibility.
  2. Reflects Zillennial Personalities: The cereal is intended to resonate with the unique personalities of Zillennials, suggesting it incorporates values like environmental consciousness and straightforwardness.
  3. Unfiltered Brand Ethos: Emphasizes the brand’s commitment to transparency and honesty, indicating a no-nonsense approach in both product formulation and marketing.
  4. High-Protein, Tasty Option: The product is marketed as being high in protein, appealing to health-conscious consumers, while also ensuring that it does not compromise on taste to cater to a wider palate preference.

Unveiling Tomorrow: The Impact That Lies Ahead

The vegan and health-conscious cereal market is set for dynamic growth, driven by heightened health, environmental, and ethical awareness among consumers. Future trends include innovative ingredients like alternative proteins, enhanced nutritional profiles, and a focus on sustainable packaging. Transparency in labeling will be key, alongside a rise in personalized cereal options tailored to individual dietary needs. The popularity of plant-based milk alternatives will increase, complementing the demand for varied and flavorful vegan cereals. Digital engagement and e-commerce will play a crucial role in market expansion, and global dietary influences will introduce diverse flavors and ingredients, enriching the consumer experience in the cereal aisle. This evolution points to a market increasingly attuned to health, taste, and sustainability.


The launch of “Eat Your Mouth Off” cereal could significantly reshape both consumer expectations and industry standards. By offering a high-protein, vegan cereal that doesn’t compromise on taste, the brand sets a new benchmark for nutritional value in cereals, potentially shifting industry focus towards plant-based ingredients and cleaner labeling. This initiative may also drive innovation in flavor and taste in health-focused cereals. Specifically targeting Zillennials, the brand underscores the importance of catering to niche markets with precision. If the brand also emphasizes sustainable practices and ethical sourcing, it could raise the bar for environmental and ethical standards in the industry. Additionally, the brand’s likely digital marketing strategies could serve as a model for engaging with younger demographics, showcasing the power of digital platforms in the food industry. Overall, “Eat Your Mouth Off” could be a catalyst for significant changes in how cereals are formulated, marketed, and perceived by consumers.

The final thoughts on the relationship between cereal brands and the evolving demands of consumers possess a significant opportunity to innovate and adapt to the evolving preferences of consumers, especially Zillennials. This demographic’s focus on health, sustainability, and ethical production represents a key market trend. With their tech-savviness and demand for transparency, there is a clear opening for brands to develop products that cater to these values. The growing popularity of plant-based and nutritious cereals further underscores this opportunity. By tapping into these trends, brands can not only meet the immediate needs of a health-conscious market but also influence the future direction of the cereal industry, aligning it more closely with modern consumer expectations.

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