Dole: Case Study – F&B Innovation

The Dole team needed to revitalize lagging product sales in order to increase category growth and realize more revenue.

Dole wanted to rebrand pomegranate to better fit with consumer perceptions because sales were lagging in the Philippines market. They needed help understanding why a healthy fruit like pomegranate was underperforming despite using claims like rich in antioxidants to promote the fruit.

Using Ai Palette’s platform, the team performed a deep-dive analysis on consumer sentiments and discovered a knowledge gap in regards to Filipino customers. The Dole team realized that the consumer perceptions about the benefits were incorrect and that they needed to update their messaging to correct the misplaced perception in the market and showcase pomegranates as a good source of vitamins.

The Dole team was able to realize a 60% increase in revenue because of the updated messaging around pomegranates.