A Global F&B Player: Case Study – F&B Innovation

Objective: A major F&B enterprise needed to make a determination on whether or not they should launch a plant-based yogurt in order to take advantage of potential revenue growth in Southeast Asia.

Challenge: Their team at needed access to comprehensive and reliable data for the plant-based yogurt category in the region to make an intelligent decision.

Solution: Using Ai Palette’s platform, the category management team was able to perform a deep dive on the maturity stage of the category. The team was able to analyze consumer sentiments from social media and search data. They were also able to research recipes and understand category growth by looking at online menus and products available via e-commerce. After a thorough analysis, the team was able to not only make a clear determination that entering this category was premature, but they were able to identify signals that would indicate when the time was right.

Outcome: Their team was able to determine based on an analysis of the data that launching a new product would likely be unsuccessful thereby potentially avoiding heavy losses in new product development.