Kellogg’s: Case Study – F&B Innovation

Objective: The Kellogg’s Southeast Asia team needed to find creative ways to increase revenue during the economic downturn of 2020.

The team at Kellogg’s wanted to deploy a repositioning strategy but needed to understand consumers new consumption routines because the typical “morning breakfast routine” consumption occasion disappeared during the pandemic.

Using Ai Palette’s platform, the team conducted a trendspotting project in five languages across four countries. (Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand) The team analyzed over 485 million data points across multiple data sources (social media, online recipes, online forums) to understand what consumers wanted from their home cooking. As a result, the team identified the top 50 trending recipes in each country, prioritized by those incorporating cereal.

Based on their findings, the team launched a marketing campaign promoting cereal-based recipes which delivered a 2x increase in buyer intent culminating in category leading growth.