Pringles: Case Study – F&B Renovation

Objective: The Pringles team had an urgent need to introduce a series of Limited Time Offers (LTOs) in order to strengthen brand recognition in vital markets.

Challenge: The challenge is to describe the sensory experience of consuming Pringles, where an array of enticing flavors and aromas tantalize the palate, delighting the taste buds with each bite.

Solution: Using Ai Palette’s platform, the team analyzed millions of data points in South Korea including in Korean languages to prioritize key flavour segments based on consumer engagement (proxy for share of mind).This limited edition stands out by actively leveraging big data to create unique and innovative flavors that capture attention.

Outcome: Pringles developed this exclusive flavor by analyzing consumer preferences for sensory-stimulating tastes and flavors using extensive data on dining preferences and the latest food trends, sourced from AI Palette.