Digital Transformation

In today’s beverage industry, the trends and market demands are shaping a new landscape of consumer preferences. With

Webinar Overview How do companies implement Artificial Intelligence properly for the benefit of their businesses? First and foremost,

Food Industry Innovators Discuss Deep Tech as a Competitive Advantage Deep Tech is a new chapter in the

Webinar Overview For the food and beverage sector, the pandemic meant unexpected spikes and downward spirals in product

As a co-founder at Ai Palette, I spend a lot of my time with brand managers and consumer

Ai Palette CEO and Cofounder Som GanChoudhuri offers a  view of the food product innovation landscape and AI’s

Product and marketing innovators from Coca-Cola, Kelloggs, ITC, and Mindgen share their experiences on how data and insights

Roy Tharakan from Cargill shares his view on the role of data in GTM strategies and how GTM

Webinar Overview Dr. Howard Moskowitz shares his experience of identifying consumer mindsets, from his method of Mix Master