Ai Palette Implements Generative Ai, Introduces End-to-End Product Innovation Solution

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Singapore – Ai Palette, a leading provider of AI-powered innovation solutions, announced today that it has expanded its platform to offer an end-to-end solution for new product innovation. With this latest update, CPG brands can now easily discover trends, generate concepts, and screen ideas – all with a few clicks in the same day.

"Our platform was built on GPT technology, allowing us to offer the most advanced generative AI capabilities to our users. The newest addition to our product suite enables brands to generate product concepts based on a few prompts which bridges the gap between trend discovery and concept testing. By streamlining the product innovation process, we are empowering brands to take advantage of growth opportunities faster and more effectively than ever before."

The latest product feature–called Concept Genie–leverages generative AI to generate product concepts based on a few prompts provided by the user. Concept Genie bridges the gap between the platform’s flagship predictive analytics research tool–Foresight Engine–and the product concept virtual screen tester–Screen Winner.

"Now, in one afternoon, brands can use our platform to research new product opportunities, generate multiple concepts based on their research, and then virtually screen test their concepts against real-time consumer data. This end-to-end solution for new product development is the first of its kind in the industry. We are excited to help brands innovate and bring new products to market with greater speed and accuracy than ever before."

About Ai Palette:

Ai Palette is a Singapore-based technology company that provides AI-powered solutions for product innovation. Their platform uses natural language processing and generative AI to help brands discover trends, create concepts, and screen ideas with a few clicks.

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