[Trend Report + On-demand Webinar] 2023 US and UK Food and Beverage Trends

Download the Report and Watch the Webinar

Fill out the form to sign up for the 2023 US and UK Food and Beverage Trends Report. Ai Palette dives deep into four key themes driving consumer purchases in 2023. Here is a glimpse of the themes covered in the report
  • Nutricosmetics: How consumers’ desire for physical beauty is affecting eating trends in new ways
  • Nootropics & More: How the continued push for mood enhancers like Caffeine/L-Theanine is evolving
  • Community: How brands are refocusing on building “togetherness” in a post-pandemic culture
  • Plant-based 2.0: How the continued race to replicate taste & texture has introduced new techniques
All research is derived from our proprietary trendspotting and predictive analytics platform. You can also watch a webinar where our expert walks you through these trends in detail. To know more about this report and about how Ai Palette can help you, reach out to us at You can also schedule a demo of our product.