[Trend Report] What Consumers Want In The Post-Covid Landscape


In our latest trend report for the APAC market, we’ll take a deep dive into the trends that will drive consumer behaviour as they adapt to the “new normal” that has stemmed from the Covid-19 pandemic. 

This report is powered by Ai Palette’s predictive analytics technology, which spots food and beverage trends using billions of data points and local data sources.


Covid-19 has persuaded consumers towards making more conscious food choices and there is now a new understanding of what and how they eat. Consumers are increasingly becoming conscious about how these foods and beverages can have a significant effect on their wellbeing and immunity.

In the face of uncertainty of how long the Covid pandemic would last, or if there would be stronger waves in the future, it is crucial that the food industry – from farm to fork – understand the concerns, needs and emotions of consumers in this new normal.

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