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The soft drink industry is facing a seismic shift, with carbonated soft drinks (CSDs) caught in the crosshairs

Get exclusive access! Gaming – specifically video gaming – has emerged as one of the most popular sources

Consumers have become more health conscious. This led to a reduction in alcohol consumption across the globe, with

The United States is the world’s largest CPG market and the most innovative in creating products adopted globally.

  This trend report will look at how the Korean delicacy kimchi has grown as a consumer preference

  In our latest trend report for the APAC market, we’ll take a deep dive into the trends

Ai Palette’s innovation consultants take a deep dive into the key ingredient, product and consumer trends from the

Covid-19 fast-forwarded the world and today, our world has become a hybrid one. Our updated lifestyles and experiences

  Ai Palette’s innovation consultants dive into the ingredient, product and consumer trends that drive what Asia will