Did our coffee predictions come true?

Ai Palette Coffee Trends 2019 Review

Last year we wrote an article predicting the coffee trends in Singapore for 2019, this prediction was done using Ai Palette’s proprietary Artificial Intelligence platform called the “Foresight Engine”. This year instead of making a fresh prediction we decided to review how we fared on the predictions made last year.

We had a great time doing this review as we gulped down several rounds of coffee ourselves while writing the post. Below is how we fared against the predictions made, to make the assessment easy we have provided a growth curve for the last 6 years for each of the predictions:

Blend Coffee Trends

blend Blend Coffee Trends

Coffee blends were expected to grow because they provide a balanced taste compared to single origins. We saw a growth in engagement for this type of coffee because of the launch of new blends by popular cafes in Singapore. For example, Dutch Colony Coffee launched the Nutcracker Espresso blend — which is a mix of Honduras beans and Asian beans(Myanmar & Java), Starbucks launched its famed Kopelani blend (Hawaii & Latin America beans) in Singapore.

starbucks Coffee Blends launched in 2019 in Singapore


Coloured Coffee Flavours

coloured coloured coffee drink trends


The popularity of coloured coffee drinks trends continued because of its visual appeal and also functional benefits of the ingredients using which they are made. While we saw the growth of the now popular regular variants like matcha, beetroot, turmeric etc. We also saw new coffee variants being launched like Red Velvet by Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf and Black Sesame Matcha with Taro Foam by Starbucks.

black Coloured Coffe in Singapore in 2019


Cold Brew



Cold brew continued its amazing positive growth trajectory powered by the launch of several flavored cold brews like White cold brew, Vanilla cold brew, and several other variants. Nitro Cold Brew Mint Latte by Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf was a popular launch in this category. The boutique cafes started packaging the cold brews in bottles contributing further to the uber-cool image of the cold brew coffee. Nescafe also decided to take a slice of the growing popularity of cold brew coffee trends in Singapore by launching packaged cold-brew concentrate in 2019.

cold Cold Brew Coffee in 2019 in Singapore



Indonesian Exotic Coffee Trends

indonesian Indonesian Exotic Coffee Trends

Coffee connoisseurs in Singapore love Indonesian single origins like Mandheling & Toraja. We predicted that there will be demand for more exotic variants of single-origin Indonesian coffee beyond the popular Mandheling & Toraja beans. We saw a growth in the engagement for this type of coffee mainly driven by the cafes and e-commerce channels offering single-origin coffee from Papua, Florence, Kerinci, etc. Indonesian Single Origin in Singapore

indonesian Indonesian Single Origin in Singapore


Closing Thoughts

It was very pleasing to see all the AI predictions came true. It is amazing how artificial intelligence can help us to identify areas of growth and potential opportunities in the food and beverage industry. The potential is limitless and we are barely scratching the surface here.

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