Food Trends Predictions for 2021

This report explores innovations in immunity, increased intake of protein foods, localization of plant-based proteins, and intermittent fasting.

The inability to travel and explore various tastes of the world during the pandemic, and an emerging trend of plant-based protein in India, China, and Singapore, have motivated F&B companies to take on new and innovative ideas. Local and international brands in these markets have localized plant-based proteins to suit different palettes and to attract a diverse consumer base.

Demand for immunity-strengthening foods are growing as part of innovative products like Haldi Doodh in India, Avida Health Chocolate Balls in Singapore and Weller Sparkling Immunity Drinks in North America.

The constantly changing times of 2020 made consumers turn toward food to seek comfort, support mental health, and improve sleep quality. Foods claiming to aid sleep launch in America, India and China. PepsiCo launched DriftWell, a beverage enhanced with ingredients and flavours claiming to aid sleep.

Since consumers have not been able to travel, they break away from lockdown routine through cross-cultural cuisine. Shiitake mushroom jerky, anyone?  Kimchi and Korean flavours becoming popular in India.