Unlock the Full Potential Of Your Food Innovation: FoodGPT Demo

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Join us for an exclusive webinar on FoodGPT, the latest innovative AI tool that’s built specially for F&B professionals. Dive deep into how FoodGPT can help you identify new trends, cultivate inventive ideas, and streamline product testing.

Key Takeaways:
  • Simplify Data Analysis: Learn how FoodGPT integrates multiple data sources, eliminating redundant information and offering meaningful consumer insights.
  • Global Coverage with a Local Touch: Understand how FoodGPT’s AI, built on GPT technology, offers a category-specific language understanding tailored for CPG brands.
  • Single Window of Innovation: Integrate all your data sources with FoodGPT for a comprehensive view of market insights and emerging trends.
  • Boost Creativity: Discover how to create winning product concepts based on diverse data sources, from competitor intel to sensory data.
Why Attend

✅ What are the latest trends consumers trends in my category?
✅ I’m launching a new campaign, will it hit the sweet spot for my target audience?
✅ Which ingredients are about to break into mainstream retail?
✅ Which recommendation has highest growth potential?