Gutsy Bubbles: Gut Health & The Future Of Functional Carbonated Soft Drinks

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The carbonated soft drinks (CSD) market is still feeling  some of the aftereffects of sugar’s negative branding and its own association with sugar. While taste is the most  important attribute for any food and drink, a product’s health attributes are rapidly becoming a critical  consideration for consumers.

Diet drinks have become an acceptable stop gap as a means to appeal to regular drinkers looking to regulate their sugar intake; however, CSDs will need to refocus on health-based innovation to help the category regain its position over the next 5-10 years.

We explore how a fresh perspective could potentially cause a carbonated revolution, disrupting the soda market in the coming decade.

In the report:

  • Deep dive into gut health as a wellness phenomenon
  • How a new outlook can change the damaging association between sugar & CSDs.
  • Potentially disruptive future of soda market in the next decade
  • Top drivers of the category in terms of occasions for consumption