Introducing FoodGPT: The Next Generation of Food Innovation Tool

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In the constantly changing food and beverage industry and with ever-growing data sets, do you find it difficult to keep up with the latest trends and demands? You can now use FoodGPT, our groundbreaking food-focused large language model, to identify emerging trends, develop creative concepts, and test products more efficiently.

FoodGPT can integrate your own data sources with Ai Palette proprietary data to come up with a single comprehensive solution.

FoodGPT is powered by artificial intelligence and is easy to use. It is available 24/7, so you can access it whenever you need it. It can help you identify emerging trends, develop creative concepts, and test products more efficiently.

Too many data sources to analyze?- On an average a CPG company uses more than 5 data sources to drive meaningful consumer insights. When integrated with our proprietary CPG LLM, you can get rid of redundant and duplicate information.

Don’t have a single view of innovation? – Now integrate your multiple data sources with FoodGPT and get a single view of the market insights and emerging trends.

Spending too much time to come up with a winning concept? – Now create your winning product Concepts and their hypothesis based on multiple data factors like competitors\’ data, sales data, sensory data, etc…

What can FoodGPT do for you?

Need some inspiration for your next FoodGPT query? Here are a few questions to get you started.

✅ What are the new flavors I should be looking at in the Snack category for the United States?

✅ Is it supported by the sales data?

✅ Any special recommendations from FoodNavigator?

✅ Can you build a hypothesis based on the above data?

✅ What is the sales potential for the new variants?

✅ Can you create a product concept for this targeting the adult age group?