Consumer Insights

Get ahead of the competition with AI powered consumer insights in real time

Elevate your F&B and BPC innovation strategy with AI-driven, real-time market insights for impactful product development

trend spotting

Stay ahead of the innovation curve with live trendspotting capabilities. Harness Foresight Engine’s power to detect emerging consumer trends and identify need states, consumption occasions, persona, demographic segmentation.

decision making

Get holistic data backing coming from social conversations, Search data, recipes, food service and e-commerce retail products for the targeted trends.

concept generation

Generate viable product concepts in no time. Use smart prompts around ingredients, themes, and product claims to feed your innovation pipeline with data-informed ideas.

Trend forecast accuracy

Eliminate sampling bias

Faster time to market insights

Ready to identify evolving consumer trends to make informed decisions?

A major global F&B enterprise stood at the crossroads of launching a plant-based yogurt in Southeast Asia, eyeing potential revenue surges. Explore our case study to see how they harnessed in-depth regional data to make an informed choice.