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Innovate smarter with AI-powered insights

Seize the innovation forefront, shaping the future of food and beverage with our predictive analytics platform.

Global insight at your

Leverage our rich reservoir of 61 billion data points from 24 countries and 16 languages. Unearth nuanced, location-specific trends to create products that resonate with consumers worldwide.

Concept generation and

Transform key insights into innovative product concepts. With the integration of AI and NLP, our platform generates new product ideas and validates them based on real-time data, fast-tracking your R&D process.


Harness the power of our AI-driven predictive analytics to stay ahead of the curve. Identify burgeoning food and beverage trends before they hit the mainstream, positioning your brand as a market trailblazer.

Ready to elevate your GTM strategy but want a little more proof?

We understand. That’s why we invite you to discover how we’re revolutionizing the F&B industry. Peek inside our treasure trove of success stories and see the tangible impact of our solution. Explore Dr. Hannah’s success story now.