A chat-driven assistant for food innovation

An advanced language model specifically tailored for the food industry. It leverages the capabilities of artificial intelligence and natural language processing to provide relevant and accurate information at your fingertips

Built for

Head of Consumer Insights

Have confidence that you’re identifying white space opportunities early and making better product decisions based on reliable data.

Head of R&D Innovation

Save time accelerating your product development timeline by understanding consumer drivers based on actionable data.

Head of Marketing

Be first to market by capitalizing on market trends and identifying white space opportunities first before your competition.


Conversational all day

Place queries or commands to initiate human-like conversations, allowing you to have a personalised conversational experience 24x7

Easy aggregation

Too many data sources to analyze? Integrate your multiple data sources with FoodGPT and get a single view of the market insights and emerging trends.

Actionable insights in minutes

Now create your winning product concepts and their hypothesis based on multiple data sources like competitors’ intel, sales data, sensory data, etc.

conversational all day

all day

Easy aggregation

Easy Aggregation
Actionable Insights

Actionable insights in minutes

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