R&D Insights

R&D innovation

The future of food science & R&D with AI-powered market intelligence

Ignite your R&D and insights capabilities with unmatched global consumer trend predictions and idea validation tools.

Proactive R&D

Stay ahead of consumer trends with real-time data and predictive analytics, allowing your team to proactively steer your product development process towards where the market is heading.

Scientific Formulation

Reduce guesswork and fuel your insights with macro trends, flavours and categories to identify consumer preferences for your new formulation strategy.


Break down silos between your R&D and Consumer Insights teams. Save time and investments on testing and trials for New Product Development through digitization of your R&D processes.

Improve innovation
contribution to sales

Maximise return on
R&D investments

Reduce time
to market

Looking to bring new product to market 50% faster, at 1/3rd cost & with double the ROI?

The Kit Kat division at Hershey’s aspired to capitalize on an immediate market opportunity by fast-tracking their product development timeline by several months. Read the full case study to know how we helped them overcome this challenge.