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Will AI Disrupt Flavour and Ingredient Innovation?

We have entered a new era where Artificial Intelligence (AI) enhances human decisions. Every industry is going through a significant transformation - the food industry is no different. Food innovation, mainly in flavour and ingredient...

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AI in Food Industry Planning for 2021

Insightful Panel Discussion From Diageo, Danone, AgFunder and Ai PaletteAs we enter the new year, we should refer to the past year of 2020, which has been an outlier in more ways than one. For the Food Industry, 2020 saw both local and...

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AI & Product Innovation Landscape

Our very own CEO and Cofounder of AI Palette gives a birds-eye view of the Food Product innovation landscape and AI's contribution in the FMCG/CPG industry by dwelling on the current status of AI, what brands are doing today and the key...

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Transforming Food Insights Panel Discussion

Leading minds from renowned FMCG companies, Coca-Cola, Kelloggs, ITC, and Mindgen share their experiences on how data and insights affect product innovation, consumer shifts during the Covid-19 pandemic, and how they are adopting big data into...

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Data Insights for Go-To-Market Strategies

Roy Tharakan from Cargill shares his view on the role of data in GTM strategies, how GTM strategies are changing at an accelerated pace with B2B companies moving towards remote interaction as well as the key...

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Data Analytics and Sustainable Food Value Chain

Data Analytics has definitely transformed the process of Food Sustainability. Industry experts from Asia, Europe, and the US join us to give their insights on how big data has evolved and how it is used in various aspects of the business to create...

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How to Identify Consumer Mindset with The Help AI

The legendary Dr. Howard Moskowits and the key person responsible for orange juice with pulp takes us through his approach, the "Mix Master of Ideas with Systematic Variation" and how he helped to develop market-leading products as well as the...

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AI’s Inevitable Disruption of CPG

Dr. Peter Angeline gives a keynote speech on constraints faced by the CPG industry, how AI can alleviate these constraints, how human intelligence can be combined with AI to create Augmented intelligence, and...

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Consumer Understanding Journey in New Normal

Mark Castillo from Nestle talks about how the consumer journey has changed during the unprecedented Covid-19 Pandemic, why 80% of products fail, practices around gathering market intelligence and changes adopted by Nestle, and...

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AI Powered Product Innovation

Artificial intelligence is slowly emerging in the FMCG industry but is still at an early stage. Innovation leaders from Diageo, Givaudan, and Kerry join us to give an insight into how they are using data and AI for...

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Food Trends 2021 Predictions

Salomi Naik, our Head of Innovation at AI Palette takes us through how the food trends horizon is going to evolve in 2021 by detailing the new flavours, themes, and products for consumers worldwide....

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