KitKat: Case Study – F&B Innovation

Objective: Hershey’s Kit Kat team wanted to quickly launch a new product concept in order to take advantage of a timely opportunity.

Challenge: In order to meet this goal, the team needed to significantly accelerate their new product development process by months to seize the opportunity.

Using Ai Palette’s Platform, the team was able to screen twenty new flavor concepts in one afternoon. The results were consumable in minutes via an easy to reach chart, and the team was able to compare the concepts quickly, determining which ideas had the highest relevance and originality to the desired market. They team was also able to deep-dive into the data looking at consumers’ sentiments and products available which helped them better understand why certain concepts tested higher than others.

Hershey’s Kit Kat team was able to accelerate their new product development process by weeks and launch Blueberry Muffin chocolate in the market.